Building on our roots in assisting employee-owned companies, we believe that the power of ownership can be leveraged by and applied broadly to all of our client organizations.

Even where shared financial ownership may not be an option, workplaces that foster a culture of ownership are more likely to perform at high levels and to attract and retain creative, responsible, and committed employees.

With the addition of consultants, Praxis has broadened its services to include: leadership development, coaching, union-management partnerships, process improvement strategies, strategic planning, governance, and conflict management.

Over the past two decades, Praxis has grown to include twelve staff members, who together have backgrounds in a range of disciplines, including: organizational development, social psychology, adult education, diversity/equity/inclusion, business management, and finance.


We believe that mission-driven organizations with broad engagement and ownership contribute to a more just, equitable and sustainable society. We strengthen productive workplaces where people are empowered and share in the value they help create. We develop leaders, build effective teams, and guide organizations to create lasting impact and enduring value.

How We Work

  • Praxis encourages and supports our clients to build high engagement participatory workplaces that tap and respect the knowledge of all employees.
  • All of our programs and services are deeply customized to individual clients.
  • We work collaboratively with an organization’s internal stakeholders to ensure that our work meets the needs and aligns with the values of their organization.
  • We believe that building effective leadership is the first step in creating a high performance ownership culture.
  • We are committed to using findings from the most current research to inform our work with clients.