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Clients in the News: Folience is named The ESOP Association’s ESOP Company of the year

We extend our congratulations to the Folience team for this award. Earlier this year, they received the ESOP Association’s Iowa-Nebraska chapter company award as well. “The company went through a radical transformation in 2016 with a change of structure, focus, …

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New Publication: Leadership Development and Succession, 2nd Edition, National Center for Employee Ownership

Leadership Development and Succession: An essential book presenting best practices in developing new leaders and succession planning, 2nd Edition (April 2022), National Center for Employee Ownership Ginny Vanderslice and Kathleen McInerney Kane contributed the first chapter Leadership Development and Succession …

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Clients in the News: Ayers Saint Gross

Since 1998, Ayers Saint Gross has released an annual report which compiles important data sets about higher education and medical campuses around the country. This

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June 9, 2022

Vermont Employee Ownership Center Annual Conference

Burlington, VT Board Responsibilities and Decision-Making in Action With Alex Moss, Jennie Msall, Cindy Turcot, CEO, Gardener’s Supply Company and Angus Mudge, Student Supervisor and Board Member, The New School of Montpelier This session will provide an overview of the Board …

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