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Executive Assessment

Moretrench has engaged Praxis Consulting Group in assisting the company with its succession planning and executive assessment. After attending the Penn ESOP CEO program and receiving feedback from the 360-degree evaluations, Moretrench’s CEO, Art Corwin recognized the value of the 360 and wanted a group of his senior managers to receive feedback in the same manner in order to learn about themselves and each other. The 360 evaluation gathers feedback on an employee’s performance strengths and areas for improvement from his/her direct reports, peers and supervisors. In addition to the 360, Praxis also conducted the Hogan assessment, which focuses on a person’s personality attributes, value drivers, and potential performance derailers.

While Praxis administered the 360 and the Hogan assessment, our primary work has involved following up with the CEO and the senior managers
in understanding the implications of their results, developing individual goals and creating a stronger team. Alongside the executive assessment and
development, the six senior managers have also been currently working with outside consultants to create the next five year strategic plan for the
company. They have also participated in other social team building activities in order to build their connection to one another.

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Moretrench, which is an ESOP company, is a nationally renowned geotechnical contractor, specializing in design/build solutions to meet the diverse conditions and construction challenges that impact so many of today’s projects. The company designs and constructs applications for the specialized needs of subsurface construction based on a comprehensive range of technologies, superior engineering and proven on-site capabilities. Moretrench works with a range of clients and projects, including homeowners, large industrial concerns and major infrastructure improvements. For the past 80 years, Moretrench has been a trusted and respected name for quality and service in the civil, environmental, construction and geotechnical engineering communities.

Goals of Engagement

  • Conduct 360 Feedback and Hogan assessment for a group of six senior managers.
  • Establish individual development goals for each senior manager and follow-up regularly on progress of these goals.
  • Further develop the group of managers as a team in order to best serve the present and future needs of the company.

The Result

  • Each individual manager better understood their strengths and areas for improvements, and how they were perceived in the organization.
  • Managers created individual development goals.
  • The CEO better understood the strengths and weaknesses of the group of senior managers in order to improve his efforts in developing them as leaders; For instance, the CEO now meets regularly with two managers to review and discuss the finances of the company to improve their understanding of the business.
  • Gave the CEO opportunity to have focused conversation with senior leaders about their effectiveness as leaders in service of the company.
  • Senior managers developed as a stronger team, better understanding how to cooperate and tap each other’s’ strengths.
  • Improved company-wide communication and reduced siloed nature of the company; senior managers cooperate more frequently. For example, over the winter holidays, Moretrench was called into an emergency job. One of the executives reached out to others to ask for more personnel on the project. Other executives rearranged their schedules and plans in order to support this one person’s department.