COVID-19 Resources

October 27, 2020

“The current situation demands both thoughtful action and flexibility from everyone, as we each work to balance the new challenges that confront us all. For all of us, certainly patience, flexibility, and grace should guide our actions and our interactions.” CDC, March, 2020

At Praxis we have been deeply impressed with how the leaders we work with in employee-owned companies, nonprofits, and health care organizations have responded to the needs of their staff, clients, and other stakeholders in the midst of the turmoil created by the coronavirus pandemic.

We are developing resources that we hope will be helpful for you. Please continue to check this page for new materials. If you’re interested in customized support for your organization, please contact us to learn more, or take a look at our description of Praxis COVID-19 Services.


Praxis Resources

Leading in the Time of COVID-19 Organizational Framework

Developing Resilience Video

Practical Guidance for Effectively Managing Work Remotely During COVID-19

Simple Check-in Questions to Stay Connected in Complex Times

Remember the Gift of Feedback During the COVID-19 Pandemic


Praxis Webinars

Think Like an Owner (for the National Center for Employee Ownership)

Creating an Inclusive and Diverse Company (for the National Center for Employee Ownership)

Current ESOP Board Topics (link to presentation come – for ESOP Association members)

Healthy People, Healthy Organizations: Building Toward the New Normal

Leading in the Time of COVID-19: Interactive Webinar for Nonprofit Leaders

Managing Essential Workers (link to come – for ESOP Association members)

Making Financial Decisions Align with Corporate Culture (for ESOP Association members)

Managing Layoffs in an Ownership Culture (for ESOP Association members)

Facilitating Responsible Leadership Succession in an Employee Owned Company (for the National Center for Employee Ownership)

Preparing Your Leadership Team for the Future (for the National Center for Employee Ownership’s 2020 Employee Ownership Conference)

Pandemic Divide Virtual Roundtable for Senior Leaders

How Boards Should Help Manage Crises (for ESOP Association members )

The Leader’s Role in a Crisis (for ESOP Association members)

Your Team is Suddenly Remote! Keeping Your Culture and Working Effectively in the New Normal

Virtual Meeting Facilitation Basics


Other Organization’s Resources

For Nonprofit Organizations:

Philanthropy Network Greater Philadelphia’s Response to the Coronavirus Outbreak


For Employee-Owned Companies:

The ESOP Association COVID-19 Response & Action Center

National Center for Employee Ownership’s COVID-19 Resources for Your Business

Beyster Institute Company Culture Supplement: What are the Impacts to ESOP Companies from the Economic Instability; An Aggregation of Tips and Practice

We will be updating these resources on a regular basis as the situation develops, and as we learn more about what organizations are doing during this time.

Last updated: 10/30/2020