ESOP Association National Conference 2022

May 3, 2022 - May 6, 2022

Washington, DC

We are happy to be presenting and sponsoring this event.

Alex Moss will present Mock Board Meeting: Board Committee Review with Brian Ippensen, Cindy Turcot, and Lee Bloom. This session continues the Mock Board Meeting format previously presented at TEA, exploring the “Washington TEA Company.” Our company’s mock board will conduct its meeting in real time, stopping to respond to audience questions during the mock meeting. During this session, the mock board will conduct a review of its various Board committees. The board members will start by discussing their various committees, what the committees do, and why. The board will hear a report specifically from the Governance & Nominating Committee. And, time permitting, the board will consider whether it’s time to establish a new Risk Oversight Committee.

Ginny Vanderslice will present Roles and Responsibilities of Leaders and Employee Owners in an ESOP with Sean Kelleher and Sean-Tamba Matthew. ESOPs are a change in the ownership structure of a company – particularly when an ESOP owns the majority of the company. Panelists for this interactive session will discuss how an ESOP  formally changes responsibilities of employee owners in different positions and also what informal changes in roles and responsibilities could benefit an ESOP company.

Jennie Msall will present Improving Employee Engagement and Ownership Thinking with Seth Webber. Building a culture where employees think, feel, and act like owners requires going beyond providing education on ESOP basics. Companies with successful ownership cultures help employees understand how the connection between company value and their daily responsibilities and they involve employee-owners in making business improvements and other strategic decisions that can improve company performance. Come to this session to hear and share practical tips on how to develop this mindset in employee-owners and engage them in identifying company innovations and improvements that can drive business value.

Lindsay Shafer will present Building Culture in a Post-COVID Environment with Michael Borinski, Patrick Carpenter, and Steve Nicholson. It has been a crazy ride! The entire world has been affected by Covid. Families, institutions, businesses are all in the same boat. After 2 years of stress, changes, wins and failures we are ready to get back to normal. What is the new normal? Are you prepared to lead your employees in a post-covid world? Come and find out from some of the best company leaders in the ESOP community what their new normal looks like and more importantly what they are doing to set their employees up for success in 2022 and beyond.

Linshuang Lu will present Building Stronger ESOPs: Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Strategies with Monica Mayott. Most ESOP companies value creating a workplace where people feel included, can grow and develop, and can contribute meaningfully to the success of the company. While many companies understand the business case and already recognize the value of employing a diverse workforce and cultivating a culture of inclusion, they struggle with knowing where and how to start and what to do to keep momentum moving forward.  Come to this session, whether you are just starting to think intentionally about diversity or whether you’ve been working on this for many years, to learn about the strategies that different companies have put into place at different phases of their DEI journey to recruit, develop, promote and support diverse talent and build an inclusive ownership environment.



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