ESOP Association New England Chapter Spring Conference

March 14, 2023 - March 15, 2023

Burlington, MA

Jennie Msall will present ESOP 101 with Ashleigh Newlin, Chartwell and Seth Webber, BerryDunn. This session is designed for both the newcomer and the experienced. This fun, interactive session will review the core concepts of ESOPs, including an overview of how they work and terms common in the ESOP world. This is the place to ask about that issue you have always had or ask that question you felt was “too basic.” Bring your questions.

Jennie will also present By the Numbers —Down to the Metrics with John Gilbert, Martineau Electric. The decisions that we make every day have resounding impacts. As an employee owner, you might be surprised to learn that your decisions can have a direct impact (positive or negative) on share price. Come to this session to learn best practices in providing and understanding financial metrics that drive value.

Molly Mead will present ESOP Fables / Story Time with Mike Rizzo, Admix. Remember Aesop’s Fables? Well this session is about ESOP true stories. Did you know that employees in Washington DC created a go fund me page to buy out the majority shareholders of their business? Do you know who Henry Wood is and why he is important in New England? Did you ever wonder why the Employee Owner of the Year was chosen? Come join us as we tell these and other interesting ESOP stories!

Molly will also present What’s in it for Me? with Mary McCooe, Maselan Jones. Have you ever wondered how you become eligible to participate in the ESOP? How do you get shares and how does your account grow through the years? What on earth is vesting? And what is this thing called diversification? And what does my ESOP do for me, my family and my retirement? In addition to answering all of these questions, this session will present from a cultural viewpoint various factors about the company’s ESOP, including company perspective and communication.


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