National Center for Employee Ownership Fall ESOP Forum

September 22, 2021 - September 24, 2021

Ginny Vanderslice, Jon Sweigart, Lindsay Shafer, Linshuang Lu, and Nelson Parrish will be attending and we are also proud sponsors of this virtual event.

  • Ginny Vanderslice will present Diversifying Your Company through Leadership Development and Succession Planning with Bob Dill, Hisco, Inc., on Sept. 23rd.
  • Jon Sweigart will present Integrating Ownership and Development Across the Employment Lifecycle with Sasha Sulkosky,
    Brinkman Construction, Inc., on Sept. 23rd.
  • Nelson and Linshuang will facilitate a roundtable Creating a Diverse, Inclusive, and Equitable Company on Sept. 23rd.
  • Linshuang Lu will present 5 Essential Strategies for Building an Ownership Culture with Alisa Moore
    Environmental Science Associates, Inc., on Sept. 24th.
  • Nelson Parrish will present The Good, The Bad, and The Difficult with Daniel Goldstein, Folience, and Karen Ellis, Superior Farms, on Sept. 24th.






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