Las Vegas ESOP Conference and Trade Show

November 8, 2018 - November 9, 2018

Alex Moss will discuss Is a Benefit Corporation Designation Right for My Company? This session will provide an overview of the different types of benefit corporations, discuss how to obtain B corporation designations and ways in which benefit corporation status can reinforce an ESOP’s sustainability and ownership culture. In addition, the session will discuss fiduciary considerations associated with being a benefit corporation. With Richard C. Mapp, III, Kaufman & Canoles, P.C. (Moderator)

Ginny Vanderslice will present The Future is Now: Building Succession Systems for Long-Term Sustainability.  An ESOP company’s sustainability hinges on developing leadership capacity deeply within the company. If people are prepared to step into leadership positions whenever openings occur, companies have less risk and therefore more stability. This session will focus on how companies can develop succession processes for all key positions including the board, the CEO, other leadership position and to the ESOP committee. With Mike Frommelt, Keystone Search, Jeff Millhollin, Pacific Steel & Recycling.

Jon Sweigart will present Hiring and Training Managers to Foster Ownership Culture. Let’s give this a little HR focus! Learn about using Performance Management to build ownership culture, performance review, identifying your rock stars, develop your rock stars. But first, you must train managers to foster ownership culture, train them to be coaches, develop SMART goals and tie individual performance to company success. With Sue Butler, Butler Till Media Services, Inc.

Linshuang Lu will present How Employee Ownership Affects Company Value.  One of the great things about employee ownership is that we can influence the value of our investment. But how does that actually work? Do the employee-owners’ actions really make that much of a difference? With Chris Kramer from Strategic Equity Group (Moderator)

Matt Hancock will present Improving Culture Through Engagement and Retention StrategiesWe all need a little help sometimes! An Employee Stock Ownership Plan can help engage and retain employees by sharing ideas with all employee owners through consistent communications. This session will focus on ways an improved ownership culture can drive engagement and retention strategies. With Tracy E. Woolsey, Horizon Trust & Investment Management (Moderator)

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