Leadership Development and Succession Planning, presented by Alex Moss

October 13, 2016

Japanese Cultural Center, Honolulu, HI
The Hawai’i Chapter of the ESOP Association 2016 Annual Conference
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Leadership development and succession planning are two sides of the same coin. An integrated approach to these issues, that includes all crucial roles in the company, is particularly important for ESOP companies that have made an ownership culture and the underlying values that support it core components of their firm’s success.

This session will provide a framework for defining the factors that are important for each position today and in the future, outline processes for assessing, developing and tracking the potential of staff to move into roles requiring more leadership and responsibility, and explore how to link succession to a company’s leadership development processes. We will also include a discussion of different models of leadership development that are being implemented in a sample of successful ESOP companies, looking particularly at how their leadership development processes are designed to support and maintain their culture.

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