Multi-State Conference – PA/DE and NY/NJ Chapter Meeting

September 13, 2017 - September 15, 2017

Scranton, PA

Many Praxis consultants will be presenting at this conference.


  • Matt Hancock will be presenting “Improving the Bottom Line: A Technical Look at Culture & Value Casey A Level” with Bret Keisling, Capital Trustees and Ed Wilusz, Value Management, Inc. This session is designed to draw a direct technical link between share value and culture and communication. The session presenters will share data and lead discussion in support of the premise that a strong company culture, especially in an ESOP, has a direct and measurable effect on company performance, financials, and ultimately share price.
  • Linshuang Lu will be presenting “Culture & Communication: Engaging in Healthy Conflict.”  Many of us are afraid of conflict, because we have poor experiences with it. Healthy conflict, however, can play an important role for a company. We want to create a culture where people feel the freedom to share their perspectives and ideas, and engage in productive dialogue and decision-making. This workshop provides practical skills for engaging in productive conflict.
  • Linshuang is also presenting “Leadership Practices to Make us Better Employee Owners.” Leadership is the ability to influence, guide or direct others towards a common goal. Anyone can be a good leader in an employee-owned company. We can all do our part to make our companies succeed by positively influencing those around us. What are important practices for effective leaders that you can put into action today?
  • Jon Sweigart will be presenting on “Developing Leadership at All Levels” with Mike Lozanoff from BL Companies. Developing leadership is important in any company, but even more so in an ESOP company. This session will discuss how leadership development programs, if properly designed and delivered, strengthen leadership at all levels to support both daily performance and long-term sustainability.
  • Ginny Vanderslice will be facilitating a Pre-Session C-Suite Roundtable discussion. This is a roundtable session for CEOs, CFOs, COOs and other C-suite leaders of ESOP companies. Bring your questions, concerns and ideas to share with your fellow C-Suite attendees. This will be an interactive session where your peers can share their experiences and give you valuable input. The session will be moderated to keep things dynamic.
  • Ginny will also be presenting “Building Leadership Capacity to Create a Succession System for Long Term Sustainability” with Carolyn Stanworth, BL Companies. Participants in this session will learn why Succession Systems are important and how they differ from a Succession Plan; essential elements of a strong Succession System; a deep look at what one company has done and how it’s working for them; and ideas for how to get started.

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