New England Chapter Fall Conference, ESOP Association

October 10, 2019 - October 11, 2019

Springfield, MA

Molly Mead will present Employee Engagement & Diversity and Inclusion: You Can’t Have One without the Other with Christie Kane from Gardeners Supply. Employee owned companies know that engagement is the secret sauce of company success. In this workshop we will show how diversity and inclusion are a key factor to engage all your employees. We will present both the why and the how of diversity and tell the story of Gardner’s Supply Company efforts to include all their employees.

Alex Moss will present Leadership at All Levels All the research data tells us that the demonstrated performance benefits of ESOP ownership are dependent on a culture of effective employee engagement. Research on motivation tells us that employees want to have meaningful control over their work, to be able to grow and learn, and to work for a purpose that matters. This session will explore how to link these two ideas, to build organizational systems, practices, and individual skills that give employee-owners up and down the organization the ability to lead at their level, to contribute more effectively to business success, and to create a line of sight between their own growth and leadership, the performance of the company, and the value of their ESOP ownership.

Jon Sweigart will present Stronger, Faster, Better: Accelerate Success Through Continuous Improvement with Moderator; Alex Sayre, Harpoon Brewing Company; Larry Brown, Rex­ Cut Abrasives. Improving any aspect of our operations (safety, quality, efficiency, etc.) requires inputs or resources. We are all very fortunate to work with passionate people who always have ideas to improve our process–and those ideas are a free and limitless resource! In this session, we will cover how we structure our program, the facets of it that we believe to be the most important in harnessing our employee owners’ ideas, challenges we have faced and how we changed the program to address them, and how the program helps our efficiency and improves job satisfaction at the same time.

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