The Employee Owned 2019, Annual ESOP Association Conference

November 14, 2019 - November 15, 2019

Las Vegas, NV

Thursday, November 14

Matt Hancock, Leveraging Your ESOP Success, with Dolores Lawrence, Blue Ridge ESOP Associates. You have accomplished great things—built a great culture, hired and developed great employees, established great management, and even won accolades. Come get tips and insights to help you leverage this recognition to your company’s advantage.

Ginny Vanderslice, Building Succession Systems for Long-Term Sustainability with Mike Frommelt, KeyStone Search, Victor N. Aspengren, Keltek Incorporated, and Carolyn Stanworth, BL Companies, Inc. An ESOP company’s sustainability hinges on developing leadership capacity deeply within the company. This session will focus on how companies can develop succession processes for all key positions—from the board of directors to the ESOP committee.

Ginny Vanderslice, Penn ESOP CEO Leadership Program at the Innovation Stage. ESOP CEO’s and Presidents have unique opportunities to build companies that both value the knowledge held by employee owners and direct it toward achieving the company’s performance goals for the benefit of all shareholders. The three company speakers, CEOs of ESOP companies, participating in this presentation have all attended the EOF’s ESOP CEO Leadership Program at the University of Pennsylvania. They will be sharing their experience of the program and how it helped them in their leadership roles.

Alex Moss, Roundtable – Managing Unsolicited Offers. Gain insights from your fellow ESOP company chief executives in this free-flowing discussion.

Alex Moss, Interdisciplinary Panel on Current ESOP Events with Lars C. Golumbic, Groom Law Group, Chartered (Moderator), Peter J. Prodoehl, Principal Financial Group, Peter H. Briggs, Shareholder Strategies, Inc., Chuck Coyne, Empire Valuation Consultants, LLC, Scot Storjohann, GreatBanc Trust Company. This panel of experienced practitioners from The ESOP Association’s Advisory Committees will answer audience questions on topics of ESOP administration, finance, legal issues, fiduciary concerns, valuation, and ownership culture. This session will be an open dialog on current issues facing ESOP companies.

Ginny Vanderslice, Roundtable – Succession Planning and Executive Recruitment. Come engage in an open discussion with your peers about making succession planning work for employee owned businesses.

Linshuang Lu, Driving Engagement and Retention Strategies Through Ownership Culture with Jason Wellman, ESOP Partners LLC. This session will focus on ways an improved ownership culture can drive engagement and retention strategies. Employee Ownership can help engage and retain employees by sharing ideas with all employee owners through consistent communications.

Friday, November 15

Alex Moss, Communication and Administrative Committees: Getting the Most Out of Them with Richard C. Mapp, III, Kaufman & Canoles, P.C., Peter A. Ney, EA Engineering, Science, and Technology, Inc., PBC, Cathy J. Ivancic, Workplace Development. This session will discuss how to establish and maintain communication and administrative committees, and the differences between these two committees. This session will also discuss tips and best practices for maximizing the effectiveness of these committees.

Jon Sweigart, Key Steps to Building a Strong Employee-Ownership Culture with Mike Frommelt, KeyStone Search, Sephrin Ebertz, Butler Till Media Services, John Williams, Central States Manufacturing. This session will provide information about using performance management and training to build ownership culture. Performance reviews, identifying and developing your rock stars, and management training are all needed to foster ownership culture. Manager training examples and developing SMART goals will be shared.

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