The ESOP Association’s 2020 Northeast Regional Virtual Conference

September 29, 2020 - September 30, 2020

Join us for a special virtual event for members of the Pennsylvania/Delaware, New York/New Jersey, and New England Chapters of The ESOP Association.

Jon will present Essential Conditions for Rapid Engagement with Christy Magee from DVL. Three conditions – coaching leadership, an understanding of the business, and continuous improvement – when integrated can rapidly engage employees and realize the competitive advantage of shared ownership. This interactive session explores how to create the three conditions.

Linshuang will present Virtual Leadership Development with Breton Boudreaux, BL Companies. Virtual leadership development offers greater flexibility for balancing cost, efficiency, convenience and impact – especially when economic and social conditions change. This session describes how to match virtual technology, content, and interaction with leadership development outcomes and strategy. Participants will engage in a brief demonstration of virtual leadership development, discuss advantages and limitations of virtual platforms, explore hybrid models, and develop a framework for integrating virtual options into ongoing leadership development.

Matt and Molly will present Get Your Employee Ownership Committee Started Right with Jason Link and Dane Duncan, NCC Automated Systems Since becoming employee-owned in 2017, NCC  has been hard at work shaping its ownership culture. A key initiative to support this is NCC’s Ownership Culture Committee (OCC). Participants in this fun and interactive workshop will learn directly from NCC management and OCC leadership about the process of chartering, forming and launching their committee and how, through the Committee, rank-and-file employees have taken ownership for shaping NCC’s culture.


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