Webinar: Building an Ownership Culture Over Time

July 20, 2022

Presented by Jennie Msall as part of the Ohio Employee Ownership Center’s webinar series.

Many companies roll out a company-wide ESOP education program immediately following their transition to an ESOP, and then it’s normal for the emphasis on ESOP education to decline. However, to take full advantage of the performance-enhancing opportunity of employee ownership, firms must develop cultures in which people are actively encouraged and supported, not just expected, to feel and act like owners, and that culture takes time and energy to build. In this session we’ll share case studies of how other ESOP companies have invested in building an ownership culture through business literacy, leadership development, and continuous improvement programs. You will hear why these companies have invested the time and money to establish these programs and how these programs have successfully created more engaged employees. You can get your questions added to the agenda by sending them in to oeoc@kent.edu.

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