NCEO Webinar: Building Your ESOP Board

March 23, 2021

Alex Moss will present this webinar in conjunction with the NCEO (National Center for Employee Ownership).

For new and mature ESOPs, this session will be a discussion among attendees of experiences – from best practices to “don’t do what we did!” It will start with a very light overview of Board duties followed by a discussion of when and how ESOP companies added members to their boards, including internal (executives and/or others), well-known outsiders, and/or new and independent members. How did you decide on priorities and depth chart? Where did you find candidates — networking, formal search, other? How many BoD members do you have? How do you compensate them (including reference to NCEO data)? What has been your onboarding process? How do you evaluate BoD performance? If there is interest and time, we may discuss BoD committees, time commitments, interaction with ESOP Trustees, engagement with leadership and employee owners, and/or other topics of greatest interest to attendees. We will follow the session format of small group discussions, based on participants interests. These will be active discussions, not presentations, in service of mutual learning.

The webinar is free to NCEO members. If you are not yet a member, NCEO is offering a 50% off discount code that you can enter at checkout NCEOWeb21.

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