Webinar: Creating an Inclusive and Diverse Company

September 22, 2020

Linshuang Lu and Nelson Parrish presented this webinar in conjunction with the NCEO (National Center for Employee Ownership).

Most ESOP companies value creating a workplace where people feel included, can grow and develop, and can contribute meaningfully to the success of the company.  While many companies understand the business case and already recognize the value of employing a diverse workforce and cultivating a culture of inclusion, they struggle with knowing where and how to start and what to do to keep the momentum moving forward.

Whether you are just starting to think intentionally about diversity or whether you’ve been working on this for many years, you will learn practical strategies to put into place at different phases of the D&I journey to recruit, develop, promote and support diverse talent and build an inclusive ownership environment.

NCEO members can follow this link to view the webinar and resources https://www.nceo.org/webinar/creating-inclusive-and-diverse-company. Not a member? Consider joining, information is here

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