Matt Hancock and Jon Sweigart have become Praxis shareholders and Principals

April 30, 2019

Matt Hancock joined Praxis in 2015, bringing 12 years of combined domestic and global experience in education, employee ownership and labor-management partnership to our firm. Matt assists clients in implementing high-engagement workforce strategies that enhance business outcomes through employee-education and participation in process improvement. He also has deep knowledge relative to building ownership cultures and utilizing the development of leaders as a strategic advantage.

Prior to joining Praxis, Matt helped to co-found Chicago’s first technology-focused high school, which serves low-income, inner-city students. ChiTech is known throughout Chicago for its culture of collaboration, participation, and empowerment of faculty and students. Prior to leading ChiTech, Matt was the Associate Director of the Center for Labor and Community Research (CLCR) in Chicago. He is also a recognized expert on the Italian cooperative movement, and an accomplished public speaker, writer, and thought leader. He is the author of Compete to Cooperate (2007) a book about the cooperatives of Imola, Italy.

You can catch him at a spring conference or an upcoming webinar. Learn more about Matt here

Jon Sweigart joined Praxis in 2014, bringing 10 years of experience providing practical and strategic support for the learning and performance goals of organizations. He is a key leader in our coaching practice and co-leads our internal staff learning endeavors. Jon also plays a critical role in designing and delivering Praxis’ leadership development programs. His thoughtful and thorough design approaches, facilitation skills, and improvisational approach have earned him high praise from our clients.

He has a passion for designing and facilitating learning experiences which can be readily applied in the workplace to advance the performance goals of our clients. Jon draws on his broad professional experience in senior management, human resources, talent development and workplace learning in his work with employee-owned, non-profit and private sector organizations. Prior to joining Praxis, Jon served as Vice President of Personnel and Professional Development at Congreso, a large Philadelphia human services non-profit. At Congreso, he helped develop a signature service delivery approach based on customer-centered, data-informed and culturally appreciative principles.

You will likely see him presenting at conferences this spring on topics such as Building High Performance Teams in an ESOP Company or Rapid Engagement Strategy. Learn more about Jon here

We believe that mission-driven organizations with broad engagement and ownership contribute to a more just, equitable and sustainable society. We strengthen productive workplaces where people are empowered and share in the value they help create. We develop leaders, build effective teams, and guide organizations to create lasting impact and enduring value.

Please join us in welcoming our newest Principals to Praxis!