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Clients in the News – Godshall’s Quality Meats in Telford, PA,

Praxis worked with the selling shareholders to develop a compelling message about the decision to share ownership through an ESOP, and is working collaboratively with Godshall's to design the ESOP rollout and train a team of internal trainers to conduct...

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Clients in the News – Cooperative Home Care Associates

The largest worker-cooperative in the U.S. embarks on its next generation of leadership.  The nation's largest worker-owned business is no longer just an experiment in social justice. Adria Powell talks with Crain's about leading Cooperative Home Care Associates in a crowded...

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Shared ownership is something that we have always aspired to as a nation.

"After America won its independence from Britain, there was plenty of hard work yet to do. That included rebuilding the nation’s cod fishing fleet, which had been decimated during the war. President Washington charged his Secretary of State Thomas Jefferson...

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May 11, 2017

The ESOP Association 40th Annual Conference

Washington, D.C.   Praxis will be presenting: Building Trust, Jon Sweigart Integrating People into Your Culture...

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