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New South Spring Conference

February 27, 2019

Atlanta, GA Alex Moss will be hosting a CEO Roundtable on February 27. Nelson Parrish and Jon Sweigart will be hosting an HR/Communications Roundtable also on February 27.

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Mid-Atlantic Chapter of the ESOP Association Spring Conference

March 8, 2019

Charlottesville, VA Matt Hancock and Molly Mead are presenting a session on Demystifying ESOP Financial Statements. ESOPs are most effective when every employee thinks like an owner. Being able to read and understand the company’s financial statements is key to thinking, and acting, like …

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New England Chapter ESOP Association Spring Conference

March 25, 2019

Burlington, MA Molly Mead and Linshuang Lu present Build Your Own Leadership Development Program. Come to this interactive workshop to sketch out what a leadership development program could look at indo for your company or enhance your existing program with new …

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Pennsylvania/Delaware Chapter ESOP Association Spring Conference

March 28, 2019

State College, PA Matt Hancock, Praxis Consulting Group; Mike Shuey, Restek; Mary Fair, Murray Securus; Steve Washkalavitch, The Graham Companies Instead of listening to a presentation about ESOP Committees, this semi-structured and participant-driven workshop will harness the wisdom of the group. Employee-owners …

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Southwest Chapter of the ESOP Association Spring Conference

March 29, 2019

Grapevine, TX Linshuang Lu will be presenting a session at this conference. Check back soon for her topic!

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New York/New Jersey Chapter ESOP Association Spring Conference

April 3, 2019

Rochester, NY Jon Sweigart will be presenting on Rapid Engagement Strategy with Robert J. Tomaka, Meier Supply Co., Inc.

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Craft Brewer’s Conference: Employee Ownership Round Table: What an ESOP Can Bring to Your Business

April 8, 2019

Denver, CO Alex Moss, Aaron Moberger, Eric Wallace, Chris Banks, and Bill Cherry. Employee Owners Talk About What an ESOP Brings to Their Beer, Their Business, and Why It’s Essential to Staying Independent With more craft breweries in the United …

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NCEO 2019 Employee Ownership Conference

April 9, 2019

Pittsburgh, PA Alex Moss – Session: Building the Best Board: Selecting and Training ESOP Board Members, co-speakers are Howard Kaplan, with Kaplan Fiduciary, and Paul O’Reilly and Mick Lamond, both with Newport Harbor Corporation Ginny Vanderslice – Session: Build Your Leaders, …

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Southwest Chapter ESOP Association Board Governance Symposium

April 16, 2019

Richardson, TX Alex Moss will be presenting on governance issues.

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New England Chapter ESOP Association CEO Spring Conference

April 30, 2019

Newport, RI Alex Moss will be facilitating this event.

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