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Webinar: Think Like an Owner

April 30, 2019

Matt Hancock Leaders often ask what it takes to get more employees “thinking like an owner.” The truth is, It takes more than just an ESOP. One challenge to engaging all employees as owners are the often invisible divides based …

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Webinar: Building Leadership, At All Levels

May 1, 2019

Kathleen McInerney Kane and Matt Hancock Integrating leadership, and leadership development, at all levels in your organization is an essential ingredient to creating a culture where all employees think, act and feel like owners. Regardless of level, or title, when …

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Webinar: Creating an Inclusive and Diverse Company

May 21, 2019

Linshuang Lu Most ESOP companies value creating a workplace where people feel included, can grow and develop, and can contribute meaningfully to the success of the company. While many companies understand the business case and already recognize the value of …

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