Our Impact

Praxis has assisted hundreds of client organizations across a broad range of industries.

We have developed specific practice areas to meet the unique needs of clients in different sectors. Below are examples of the sectors in which we have worked extensively and samples of clients in each area.

Litehouse Foods

From a small restaurant to a leading producer and marketer of refrigerated salad dressings, cheeses, dips, sauces, apple cider, and freeze dried herbs, Litehouse is a leader in the food industry with innovation and great consumer products, keeping a strong commitment to the employees and communities in which they operate.

Sebago Technics

Sebago Technics was founded by Walter P. Stinson, P.E., in 1981.  He began with a commitment to serve customers with integrity, respect and responsive service. Early on, Walt foresaw the benefits of a multi-discipline engineering company. To that end, Sebago Technics provides engineering, planning, surveying, landscape architecture and environmental services to companies, developers, landowners and the public sector for customers and projects, both large and small. Their experience includes projects in commercial, industrial, retail, residential, educational, healthcare, recreation, utility and government sectors.


When Recology was getting ready to launch an initiative to expand both their business and staff, they engaged a team of Praxis consultants to help prepare to take on this challenge. For the growth strategy to be effective, the company wanted to strengthen its ownership culture, and develop a cadre of leaders who could effectively manage new and expanding businesses.

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Aqua Engineers

Aqua Engineers, Inc. has an unsurpassed record for providing high quality water and wastewater services in Hawaii. During more than 30 years of planned company growth and diversification, we have developed a reputation for providing a broad spectrum of services, while still maintaining high standards for quality and customer service.

Eileen Fisher

A designer clothing company that embraces simplicity, sustainability and great design.

BL Companies

BL Companies is a leader in delivering high-quality, integrated architecture, engineering and environmental services to public and private clients for land development, building design, and infrastructure projects.

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Every Vespoli racing shell is state-of-the-art, incorporating the most advanced hull design, riggers and components with aerospace technology. Vespoli hulls are the creation of one of the world’s leading naval architects and a designer of the two-time America’s Cup winner, Alinghi, Manolo Ruiz de Elvira.

DVL Group, Inc.

We ensure data flows through the heart of your business.
DVL Group, Inc. has the talent, experience, technology and service to build a superior data center infrastructure, providing a solution for today and tomorrow. With the strength of Liebert behind DVL, a comprehensive, consultative first step that defines the strategic approach to your needs, innovative assessment tools, frequent on-site reviews and analyses, and more, DVL is perfecting the science of data center infrastructure implementation.

Carris Reels

For over half a century, Carris Reels has provided its customers with high-quality cable reels and spools including plywood reels, plastic reels and nailed wood reels for the wire and cable industry. Started in 1951 by Henry Carris with just two employees, today Carris includes eight divisions nationwide, including two permanent assembly/warehouse sites and eight temporary facilities.

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Harpoon Brewery

Harpoon was started in 1986 by Dan Kenary, Rich Doyle, and George Ligeti. They were three friends who loved beer and loved drinking beer together but found the beer choices at the time to be limited. Traveling through Europe and experiencing the rich traditions of European brewing and beer drinking enhanced their love of beer and opened their eyes to the rich beer culture they wanted back home. They decided to build a brewery so that they could brew the beers that they wanted to drink, and invite their friends to the brewery to drink it with them.

Cooperative Home Care Associates

(CHCA) is a nationally recognized, worker-owned home care agency in the Bronx. CHCA was founded in 1985 to provide quality home care to clients by providing quality jobs for direct-care workers.

CHCA started with 12 home health aides. The cooperative now employs more than 2,000 staff. Together with PHI, a nonprofit founded by CHCA in 1992, CHCA maintains an employer-based workforce development program that provides free training for 600 low-income and unemployed women annually and serves as a significant driver of employment in the Bronx.

King Arthur Flour

King Arthur Flour is a 220 year old, 100% ESOP owned company that provides the highest quality flour and baking ingredients and baking tools through internet, catalog, retail and wholesale sources. Their mission is to support and expand all aspects of baking by being the highest quality product, information, and education resource for, and inspiration to, bakers worldwide. They have more than 180 full time, year round employees most of whom are located in Norwich, Vermont.

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Gardener's Supply Company

GARDENER’S Supply was founded in 1983 by a handful of enthusiastic Vermont gardeners. Today, they serve millions of gardeners nationwide, offering everything from seed starting supplies and garden furniture to flower supports and garden carts. Though the company has grown, they remain passionately committed to providing garden-tested, earth-friendly products that will help our customers have more fun and success in their gardens.

Sentry Equipment Corp

With proven sampling expertise since 1924, Sentry products and services provide business operations the critical insights to optimize process control and product quality. We deliver true representative sampling and analysis techniques to customers around the globe, empowering them to accurately monitor and measure processes for improved production efficiency, output and safety. Standing behind our commitments, we are determined to tackle any application, anywhere.

Salem Distributing

Salem Distributing Company, Inc. is an American-based, worldwide distributor of surfacing supplies and equipment. Founded in 1934 and headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, we offer the finest products from more than 300 manufacturers and provide unsurpassed customer service and technical support to four core industries: Glass, Stone, Precision Electro-Optical and Opthalmic.

Chemonics International

Our global network of more than 4,000 specialists share an unwavering resolve to work better, driven by a conviction that the world must be better. We’re one of the world’s leading partners in international development, because where Chemonics works, development works

We believe those who have the least deserve our best. So at Chemonics, development is more than a passion or a calling. It’s a profession. Doing it well takes experience, ingenuity and a stubborn insistence that tomorrow’s work must be better than today’s.


Cirtronics is a product manufacturer invested in all stages of the product lifecycle including forward and reverse logistics offering NPI, Material Management, Manufacturing, Distribution, and After Market Support. Our extensive engineering, production, program management, quality and supply chain teams’ expertise allow us to customize programs from the initial vision to full production life cycle and end of life.


For nearly 50 years, Hypertherm’s objective has been to deliver the world’s finest cutting products and solutions that help give shape to our customers’ vision. Our entire team of Associate owners is inspired by you to help shape a positive future of innovation, partnership and community that is full of possibility.


In 1990, Mandy Cabot and her husband Peter Kjellerup co-founded Dansko, a leader in innovative comfort footwear. Since the discovery of their first product in a tiny store in Denmark, Dansko (literally translated as “Danish shoe”) now generates annual sales of approximately $150 million. Today their offering includes sandals, boots, heels, flats and many types of clogs which are sold through over 2,500 premium US and international retailers.

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tvsdesign has had a significant influence on cities and the built environment through the design of major urban public spaces in large and small cities throughout the world. By creating good public space that energizes neighborhoods, tvsdesign projects generate additional wealth above and beyond their stated purpose. These are places where people feel that they are part of the dynamism of their city, generating cultural growth and development.


Moretrench, which is an ESOP company, is a nationally renowned geotechnical contractor, specializing in design/build solutions to meet the diverse conditions and construction challenges that impact so many of today’s projects. The company designs and constructs applications for the specialized needs of subsurface construction based on a comprehensive range of technologies, superior engineering and proven on-site capabilities. Moretrench works with a range of clients and projects, including homeowners, large industrial concerns and major infrastructure improvements. For the past 80 years, Moretrench has been a trusted and respected name for quality and service in the civil, environmental, construction and geotechnical engineering communities.

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Wiley|Wilson is a multi-disciplined architectural, engineering, and planning firm serving a solid base of industrial, commercial, and government clients. Its services range from architecture to design-build to energy audits to power systems and water resources engineering. The firm focuses on reliability, quality and responsiveness to clients in all their work. Headquartered in Lynchburg, Virginia, the firm also has offices Richmond, Alexandria and Atlanta.

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