Our Impact

Praxis has assisted hundreds of client organizations across a broad range of industries.

We have developed specific practice areas to meet the unique needs of clients in different sectors. Below are examples of the sectors in which we have worked extensively and samples of clients in each area.

Crucible Industries, LLC

In order to address the concerns about the new company’s culture, Mike Shay of Praxis and Dennis Lasker of the Sigma Group partnered with four CIL high potential mid-managers to conduct a Rapid Business Assessment (RBA) consisting of one-on-one interviews, small focus groups, and direct observations over the course of three intense days and two nights.

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Comcast Corporation

Comcast NBCUniversal is shaping the future of media and technology. Comcast strives to create the best content and constantly pursues innovation to delight our customers.

Witt Kieffer

Witt/Kieffer serves hospitals, health systems, academic medical centers and other health-related organizations; life sciences companies including pharmaceutical, biotech, diagnostics and medical device corporations; colleges and universities and not-for-profit community service organizations and foundations. Clients have relied on Witt/Kieffer for 45 years to identify leaders with the best mix of skills, experience, vision and character to fulfill their missions.  For them, executive search is about much more than filling a chair —  It’s about bringing great leadership to your organization.