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ESOP Communications Committees: An Overview (excerpt )

This is an excerpt from a chapter written by Alex Moss, Linshuang Lu and Ginny Vanderslice and is reprinted from the National Center for Employee Ownership's ESOP Communication Committee Guide, 4th ed. To join as a member, order publications or...

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Webinar: Effective ESOP Communications Committees

Employee communication is a common theme in successful ESOP companies. This webinar, presented by Alex Moss and hosted by the  National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO), highlights how the communication committee is essential to the long-term success of the organization....

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Inside the BL Companies ESOP Committee

Learning about other companies' experiences can be an effective way to gain valuable ideas and guidance on setting up a new communications committee, or to revive an existing one. This chapter illustrates how different companies have approached their employee committees....

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ESOP Committees: An Overview

Being employee-owned presents a compelling opportunity for companies to tap into the psychological power of ownership and create an environment where employees feel, think, and act like owners. An ESOP communication committee plays an important role in building and strengthening...

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How Senior Leaders Can Enhance the Impact of Communications Committees

It’s easy to get excited about ESOP Communications Committees and their potential for changing your company’s culture. At ESOP Association conferences you see engaging presenters doing exciting work at their companies. You feel inspired and energized, ready to galvanize your...

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