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As experts in our field, we publish various articles and whitepapers and host webinars on building effective workplace cultures and leadership structures. Click on the links below to have a look through our library.

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Podcast: Understanding and Excelling with ESOPS in AEC

Alex Moss was interviewed by Peter C. Atherton, P.E. for the AEC Leadership Today podcast. Listen to Understanding and Excelling with ESOPs in AEC to learn why A&E firms should consider ESOPs.

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Five Tips for Financial Literacy Training

Do your employee owners know how your company makes a profit? Can they locate their efforts on your company income statement? One of the best ways to engage your employee owners is to share the answers to these questions. Thinking about...

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Virtual Panel on Shared Ownership moderated by Ginny Vanderslice at Rutgers University

On January 9, 2021 Ginny Vanderslice moderated a virtual panel at the 2021 Mid-Year Fellows Workshop in Honor of Louis O. Kelso at the Rutgers University School of Management and Labor Relations Institute for the Study of Employee Ownership and...

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Webinar: Think Like an Owner

Alex Moss presented this presentation for the National Center for Employee Ownership's (NCEO) 2020 webinar series. Follow this link to learn more about the NCEO.

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Webinar: Inspiring Accountability in Employee Owners at All Levels

Kathleen McInerney Kane presented this presentation during the National Center for Employee Ownership's (NCEO) 2020 Fall ESOP Forum. Follow this link to learn more about the NCEO.

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Webinar: Developing Resilience

This Developing Resilience presentation by Molly Mead provides strategies through practical tips and client case studies.

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Virtual Conference Presentation: Preparing Your Leadership Team for the Future

Alex Moss presented Preparing Your Leadership Team for the Future, as a part of a panel presentation on Sustaining Your Company and Your ESOP sponsored by Chartwell on April 20, 2020 for the National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO) Employee...

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Effective Meetings Can Enhance Your Employee Ownership Culture

Effective meetings are indispensable for building an ownership culture. Meetings can keep employee owners informed and connected, and empower them to contribute ideas and make decisions that can improve your employee owned. This article shares principles and tips for creating...

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Building Long-Term Value: Developing a High-Performance Ownership Culture

An ESOP can be an effective tax-advantaged means of creating shareholder liquidity. At the same time, the ESOP provides an additional benefit for employees. But the ongoing payoff of the ESOP is based on its ability to align stakeholder interests....

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Onboarding New Employees

The first day at a new job can be both exciting and overwhelming. New employees not only need to learn their job responsibilities but also have to navigate new relationships and cultural norms. Employee ownership, with its impact on the...

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