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As experts in our field, we publish various articles and whitepapers and host webinars on building effective workplace cultures and leadership structures. Click on the links below to have a look through our library.

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Governance Issues and Best Practices in Professional Services Firms

This paper provides a detailed description of governance issues, options, and best practices in privately-held professional service firms (PSFs). The information here is drawn from a variety of sources, including more than twenty years of organization development consulting with professional...

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Succession Planning for Long Term Sustainability

Boards of directors often ask their CEO’s for a succession plan, and review it annually. And while the plan should include the name of any potential successors, it should go far beyond this bare minimum. A succession plan should spell...

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Strategies of Successful Leadership Teams

“We’re not just running—we’re galloping!” These were the words of a senior executive on a leadership team in healthcare. The healthcare environment is complicated and uncertain, to say the least. Leading in this arena is requiring intuitive and counter-intuitive practices....

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“The Glass Ceiling is the Floor My Boss Walks On: Leadership Challenges in Managing Diversity”

This article analyzes layers of meaning that are embedded in the concept of diversity in a financial institution. It examines the discourses about diversity that emerged over 2½ years, during which a CEO was intentionally trying to change his organization’s...

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What’s Next for Nonprofits? An Interview with Nancie Zane and Linshuang Lu of Praxis Consulting Group

Praxis consultants Nancie Zane and Linshuang Lu were interviewed recently for the Center for Creative Leadership's Leading Effectively e-newsletter on their research with CCL and American Express on nonprofit leadership, with particular emphasis on emerging leaders and intergenerational trends. Originally...

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Webinar Series: Money Matters

Money Matters Webinar Series These three webinars, created for the APIAHF learning community, cover three areas of financial management for nonprofits: basic financial literacy, effective financial governance for board members and financial management for program staff. The full webinar series...

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Inside the BL Companies ESOP Committee

Learning about other companies' experiences can be an effective way to gain valuable ideas and guidance on setting up a new communications committee, or to revive an existing one. This chapter illustrates how different companies have approached their employee committees....

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Eight Ideas for Demystifying Your Board

Effective boards make a significant contribution to their company’s success. However, in many cases, employee owners do not understand why their organization has a board, what the board does, what kinds of decisions the board makes, and, ultimately, how their...

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Using Your 401(k) Plan as an Incentive to Improve Corporate Performance

This article describes how Section 401(k) plans, which provide employees with the opportunity to defer a portion of their income and retain limited control over the investment of these funds, can improve overall employee satisfaction. Originally Published In: Section 401(k)...

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ESOP Communication During Economic Hard Times

The economic situation creates uncertainty about our companies and how individual employees may be affected. Uncertainty leads to anxiety, and anxiety can often lead to unproductive or fear-based behavior. This article addresses the importance of clear and open organizational communication,...

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