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Ownership Culture and the Italian Employee Ownership Experience

Alex Moss recently interviewed colleague Matt Hancock about Matt’s experience working in the Italian employee-ownership sector. Moss, a Principal with the Praxis Consulting Group, is a long-time member and past chair of the Ownership Culture Committee. Q: You received your...

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Building High Trust Workplaces

From the author: "I often get asked at conferences “How can I get employees to trust in the ESOP more?” After seeing inspiring examples from other companies, many people leave conferences immediately focused on ESOP education. While education is essential,...

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Ownership Culture in an Economic Crisis: Bitter Pill, Critical Opportunity

2009 represents the 35th anniversary of the passage of ERISA, the pension reform legislation that created ESOPs. One of the most important things that we have learned over this history, in company after company and research study after research study,...

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How We Work Here: Introducing New Employees to Your Culture

Recently, I was interviewing a member of the senior team of a 100% ESOP company. He had been employed there for eight years. Reflecting a serious commitment to an ownership culture, internal decisions and changes are made relatively slowly because...

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