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Inside the BL Companies ESOP Committee

Learning about other companies' experiences can be an effective way to gain valuable ideas and guidance on setting up a new communications committee, or to revive an existing one. This chapter illustrates how different companies have approached their employee committees....

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Eight Ideas for Demystifying Your Board

Effective boards make a significant contribution to their company’s success. However, in many cases, employee owners do not understand why their organization has a board, what the board does, what kinds of decisions the board makes, and, ultimately, how their...

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Using Your 401(k) Plan as an Incentive to Improve Corporate Performance

This article describes how Section 401(k) plans, which provide employees with the opportunity to defer a portion of their income and retain limited control over the investment of these funds, can improve overall employee satisfaction. Originally Published In: Section 401(k)...

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ESOP Communication During Economic Hard Times

The economic situation creates uncertainty about our companies and how individual employees may be affected. Uncertainty leads to anxiety, and anxiety can often lead to unproductive or fear-based behavior. This article addresses the importance of clear and open organizational communication,...

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Harnessing the Power of Ownership Passions: Creating an Ownership Vision

This article explores how companies can develop and refine an ownership vision that reflects the companies strategic business goals and addresses key aspects of making a shared ownership vision a concrete and productive company resource. Originally Published In: Journey to...

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ESOP Committees: An Overview

ESOP committees fulfill different roles at different companies. Some are legal committees that advise an/or direct the ESOP trustees on fiduciary issues relating directly to the ESOP. Other committees provide opportunities for employees to train, educate, and communicate ownership messages...

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Getting Your Company Ready for an ESOP: The Ownership Culture Perspective

This article describes the initial challenges that all ESOP companies face, and offers suggestions for meeting those challenges. Next, it introduces a model for linking ownership with performance and outlines the major organizational development work that is necessary for companies...

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Talent Management in an Ownership Culture

Talent management offers a useful strategic framework for organizations serious about developing ownership behaviors across the employee lifecycle. This article describes elements of talent management with emphasis on their connection to ownership culture. Each brief description includes “one bright idea”...

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Transition Matters: Engaging the Board and Executives in the Phases of Succession Planning (PPT)

This presentation was originally offered at a workshop for Nonprofit leaders sponsored by the Philadelphia Foundation on November 14, 2014.

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Leadership Challenges in ESOP Companies

Effective ESOP leadership is different than effective leadership in companies with more traditional ownership structures. The opportunities are greater and so are the challenges. Leaders in all companies need the basics of business acumen, strategic perspective, market awareness, and the...

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