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Leadership Challenges in ESOP Companies

Effective ESOP leadership is different than effective leadership in companies with more traditional ownership structures. The opportunities are greater and so are the challenges. Leaders in all companies need the basics of business acumen, strategic perspective, market awareness, and the...

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How Senior Leaders Can Enhance the Impact of Communications Committees

It’s easy to get excited about ESOP Communications Committees and their potential for changing your company’s culture. At ESOP Association conferences you see engaging presenters doing exciting work at their companies. You feel inspired and energized, ready to galvanize your...

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Executive Summary: Leadership, An Impact Study of the Praxis Leadership Development Program

A major goal of this study was to understand the impact of the leadership development program at multiple levels: the individual, the team, and the organization. This executive summary highlights the primary study findings.

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Leadership Conversations… Compassion in the ESOP Workplace

Following the completion of the formal certificate program, the inaugural Class I of the leadership development program offered through a partnership between the ESOP Association and the University of Pennsylvania’s Center for Organizational Dynamics, decided to reconvene at least on...

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Ownership Culture and the Italian Employee Ownership Experience

Alex Moss recently interviewed colleague Matt Hancock about Matt’s experience working in the Italian employee-ownership sector. Moss, a Principal with the Praxis Consulting Group, is a long-time member and past chair of the Ownership Culture Committee. Q: You received your...

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Effective Leadership Transitions

Hiring the CEO is typically a responsibility of a company’s Board of Directors. However it is often the case in ESOP companies that the first leadership transition following an ESOP’s implementation is made prior to the creation of a fully...

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Leadership Development in ESOP Companies

Deep leadership capacity is a hallmark of strong, sustainable companies. When leaders and managers have strong leadership skills and when those skills extend to more people in an organization,a company’s ability to manage internal and external challenges is enhanced, and...

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Leadership Development and Succession in Employee-Owned Companies

Article Abstract Leadership & Succession Succession planning and leadership development – which are two sides of an integrated whole – are essential for companies that seek to fully leverage employee ownership and achieve sustained strong business performance. This paper defines...

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Emerging Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations: Myths, Meanings and Motivations

American Express and the Center for Creative Leadership embarked on research effort to improve the field of nonprofit leadership by focusing on emerging leaders. Praxis Consulting Group contributed to the research and the writing of this report. The report emphasized that...

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Intergenerational and Emerging Leadership Trends in the Nonprofit Sector

Focus Group Research Initial Observations and Analysis Praxis conducted a series of appreciative-inquiry focus groups in the Philadelphia area on intergenerational and emerging leadership trends in the nonprofit sector, as part of larger research project with the Center for Creative...

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