Thought Leadership

Emerging Leadership in Nonprofit Organizations: Myths, Meanings and Motivations

By Kelly M. Hannum, Nancie Zane, Linshuang Lu and others

American Express and the Center for Creative Leadership embarked on research effort to improve the field of nonprofit leadership by focusingĀ on emerging leaders. Praxis Consulting Group contributed to the research and the writing of this report.

The report emphasized that emerging nonprofit leaders desire to make an impact in the world and value growth and development in their work. Emerging nonprofit leaders expressed more loyalty to a cause than to an organization, and were willing to switch organizations if one was not fulfilling their needs for impact, growth and development.

Originally Published In:
Center For Creative Leadership, copyright 2011.

Authors: Kelly M. Hannum, Jennifer Deal, Liz Livingston Howard, Linshuang Lu, Marian N. Ruderman, Sarah Stawiski, Nancie Zane, and Rick Price

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