Thought Leadership

ESOP Committees: An Overview

By Alexander P. Moss, Virginia J. Vanderslice, and Linshuang Lu

ESOP committees fulfill different roles at different companies. Some are legal committees that advise an/or direct the ESOP trustees on fiduciary issues relating directly to the ESOP. Other committees provide opportunities for employees to train, educate, and communicate ownership messages to employees, and/or to advise senior leadership on operational and business issues. An ESOP committees goals should inform its structure and membership composition.

This chapter provides an overview of ESOP committees: their goals, the scope of their activities, their membership composition, their evaluation, and the resources required for them to function optimally.

Originally Published In:
The ESOP Committee Guide, 3rd Ed., The National Center for Employee Ownership (NCEO). Copyright 2011.

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