Thought Leadership

Webinar: How Boards Should Help Manage Crises

Board members can be a tremendous resource during crises: They can draw on outside and varied experiences and offer observations and ideas that might not arise internally. How can ESOP companies best leverage the expertise of their board during the current challenges? What are board members’ responsibilities at such times? On which issues should they be guiding management? And what information should management be providing to the board, proactively? This session is well suited to both board members and senior leaders at ESOP companies.

This webinar, presented by Alex Moss, Neil Brozen, Ronald Gilbert, and Mary Josephs, on April 15, 2020 for the ESOP Association’s COVID-19 response webinar series, offers insights and information on leading your team, your division, and your ESOP company through these current and future challenges.

You may view this webinar here if you are an ESOP Association member in their COVID-19 Economic Response Webinars Archive. If you aren’t a member, consider joining!